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Swordfish Tools, Inc.

Swordfish 60110 - 330pc Auto Body Retainer Assortment for Toyota

SKU: 60110
  • • 8.6mm Hole Size, Head: 17mm, Stem: 10.07mm, Rocler Moulding Clip - 25pcs
    • Head: 17.05mm, Stem: 16.5mm, Stem Dia.: 8.3mm Wheel Flare Moulding - 25pcs
    • #12 Screw Size, Head: 20mm, Stem: 18mm, Hood & Fender Screw Grommet - 25pcs
    • 8mm Hole Size, Head: 18mm, Stem: 13mm, Cowl Side & Garnish/Center Pillar Retainers - 25pcs
    • 6mm Hole Size, Head: 5 x 15mm, Stem: 10mm Weatherstrip Retainer - 80pcs
    • 9mm Hole Size, Head: 15mm, Stem: 11mm, Trim Panel Retainer - 30pcs
    • #8 Screw Size, 15 x 12 x 16mm, Fit: 10 x 10mm Hole Size Screw Grommets - 30pcs
    • 11mm Hole Size, Head: 18mm, Stem: 11mm, Trim Panel Retainer - 25pcs
    • Head: 16mm, Stem: 17mm, Cowl Vent Pin Retainer - 20pcs
    • #12 Screw Size, Head: 18mm, Stem: 15mm, Front Fender Liner Screw Grommet - 20pcs
    • Hold Rod: 6mm & 7mm, Hood Prod Rod Clip - 15pcs
    • 6mm Hole Size, Length: 110mm, Max Bundle Dia.: 23mm Cable Strap - 10pcs

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