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Swordfish Tools, Inc.

Interior and Exterior Auto Body Retainer, Fastener, and Clip Assortment for Honda Vehicles.

Swordfish 60220 - 418pc Auto Body Retainer Assortment for Honda

SKU: 60220
  • • 21.7 x 13.6mm Front Grille Clip - 30pcs
    • 8mm Hole Size, Head: 20.5mm, Stem: 20.7 Push Type Retainer - 8pcs
    • 8mm Hole Size, Head: 20.6mm, Stem: 9.5mm Push Type Retainer - 15pcs
    • 9mm Hole Size, Head: 17.4mm, Stem: 14.2mm Trim Panel Retainer - 20pcs
    • 5mm Hole Size, Head: 7 x 16.4mm, Stem: 12mm Hood Seal Retainer - 50pcs
    • 6mm Hole Size, Head: 5 x15.1mm Stem: 10mm Weatherstrip Retainer - 40pcs
    • 7mm Hole Size, Head: 15.4mm, Stem: 13.4mm Side & Trunk Lining Retainer - 20pcs
    • #4 Screw Size. Head: 13.3mm, Stem: 16.8mm Screw Grommet - 25pcs
    • Stem Length: 14.9mm, Stem Width: 26mm Radiator Grille Retainer - 5pcs
    • 7mm Hole Size, Head: 18.1 Stem: 15mm Retaining Clip - 30pcs
    • 8mm Hole Size Head: 20mm, Stem: 10.2mm Push Type Retainer - 15pcs
    • 10mm Hole Size Head: 20.1mm, Stem: 20.4mm Retaining Clip - 15pcs
    • 6mm Hole Size, Head: 15.2mm, Stem: 13.8mm Push Type Retainer - 30pcs
    • 5mm Hole Size, Head: 13.2mm, Stem: 14.8mm Retaining Clip - 30pcs
    • 7mm Hole Size, Head: 15mm, Stem: 20.4mm Retaining Clip - 20pcs
    • 8mm Hole Size, Head: 13.6mm, Stem: 9.1mm Push Type Retainer - 15pcs
    • 10.5mm Hole Size, Head: 10 x 8.7mm, Stem: 11.9mm Moulding Clip - 30pcs
    • 13.8 x 13mm, Stem: 8mm Side Marker Clip - 20pcs

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