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Swordfish Tools, Inc.

Swordfish 32510 - 60pc Fuel Line Constant Tension Band Light Hose Clamp Assortment, Vacuum Hose Fuel Lines Spring Action Pinch Clamps 7-Sizes
  • Spring Action Fuel Line Hose Clamps 7 Sizes (60pcs) - Constant Tension Band Light Self-Compensating
  • May Used on Vacuum, Fuel, Transmission Lines, etc. on Universal Use for Size Fit.
  • Made of SAE 1060-1090 Spring Steel, Heat Treated, Phosphate Finish.
  • Cost Effective Alternatives to Other Types of Band Clamps, but do not compromise quality and reliability
  • Sizes Listed are for the size of Hose Outer Diameter (ie: 3/8" means that the clamp will fit a 3/8" outside diameter hose)


(10 pcs) for 3/8" Hose OD

(10 pcs) for 7/16" Hose OD

(10 pcs) for 1/2" Hose OD

(10 pcs) for 9/16" Hose OD

(10 pcs) for 5/8" Hose OD

(5 pcs) for 11/16" Hose OD

(5 pcs) for 3/4" Hose OD


Please use recommended professional Clamp Plier No. RPC-1 or similar function Tools to install or remove

Swordfish 32510-60pc Fuel Line Constant Tension Band Light Hose Clamp Assortment

SKU: 32510
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