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Swordfish Tools, Inc.

Swordfish 30500-30pcs Quick-Lock Accessory Assortment Kit, 2" (50mm) Backing Pads, Grinding Discs, Surface Conditioning Discs, Strip-Brite Discs, Wool Discs, Flap Discs Set

SF 30500 - 30pcs Quick-Lock Accessory Pack Assortment, grinding flap discs set

SKU: 30500
  • 🔹 2pcs Twist-To-Lock Holders, 1/4" shank

    For use with wool, mini grinding, surface conditioning, flap & strip-brite discs


    🔹 5pcs Wool Discs 2"(50mm)

    100% Natural Compressed Wool Buffering Pads for Car Polishing & Cleaning


    🔹 9pcs Mini Grinding Discs 2"(50mm):

    ① Premium zirconia grain bonded onto a tough resin backing

    ② Long-life on regular steels & stainless steels

    ③ Best for weld grinding and finishing

    ④ 3pcs each for coarse, medium & fine


    🔹 7pcs Surface Conditioning Discs 2"(50mm):

    ① 2pcs for coarse(yellow), 3pcs for medium (red) & 2pcs for fine (green)

    ② Non-wooven nylon fiber imbedded with aluminum oxide abrasive grain

    ③ For general grinding, blending, rust removal, clean-up and paint removal

    ④ Thicker longer lasting material


    🔹 4pcs Mini Flap Discs, 2"(50mm):

    ① 1pc each for 40,60,80 & 120 Grit

    ② Perfect for small grinding needs and tight spots

    ③ Works on all high-speed grinders

    ④ Flat Face for maximum aggressiveness

    ⑤ Uses 100% of the grain surface

    ⑥ Grind, deburr and blend on all surfaces

    ⑦ Non-loading and never curl


    🔹 3pcs Strip-Brite Discs 2"(50mm):

    ① 3 color of black, blue & purple

    ② For paint and coating removal

    ③ Open-web construction impregnated with silicon carbide to provide aggressive and long-lasting performance,

    ④ Extremely durable, three-dimensional web has a soft edge, allowing it to remove paint and other coatings in those difficult & unreachable creases & dents while removing very little metal

    ⑤ Great for stripping paint without damaging the metal, especially on aluminum

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