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Swordfish Tools, Inc.

Swordfish 30370 - 152pc Extension and Compression Spring Assortment

Consists of:

  • A new large spring assortment box
  • Contents 9 size of extension spring and 8 size of compression spring
  • Contents:
    Extension Spring:
    (1pc) 0.06"x0.472"x12";
    (1pc) 0.10"x0.710"x12";
    (8pc) 0.04"x0.434"x5.19";
    (3pc) 0.12"x1.07"x3.56";
    (5pc) 0.079"x0.67"x3.62";
    (6pc) 0.066"x0.55"x2.66";
    (15pc) 0.043"x0.47"x1.67";
    (12pc) 0.04"x0.395"x2.48";
    (20pc) 0.024"x0.28"x2.19"
    Compression Spring:
    (1pc) 0.06"x0.395"x12";
    (1pc) 0.10"x0.710"x12";
    (8pc) 0.06"x0.59"x2.60";
    (12pc) 0.06"x0.393"x1.81";
    (12pc) 0.06"x0.59"x1.1";
    (20pc) 0.032"x0.32"x1.65";
    (15pc) 0.04"x0.394"x1.27";
    (12pc) 0.04"x0.47"x1.38"
  • Bright Zinc Plated to resist rust
  • Ideal for Industrial, Agricultural Machinery, Household Repair or Replace.

Swordfish 30370 - 152pc Larger Size Extension and Compression Spring Assortment

SKU: 30370
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