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Swordfish Tools, Inc.

Swordfish 32011-150PC Oil Drain Plug Crushable Copper Washer Gasket Assortment


7 sizes of crushable copper washer gasket for automotive oil drain plug.

Ideal handy box for your garage or auto body shop

Worthy to own just average $0.40 per piece and free shipping.

Swordfish 32011-150PC Oil Drain Plug Crushable Hollow Copper Washer Gasket

SKU: 32011
    • M6(10pc)-ID: 6.25mm OD: 9.8mm Thickness: 1.51mm
    • M8(10pc)-ID: 8.1mm OD: 11.9mm Thickness: 1.56mm
    • M10(20pc)-ID: 10.25mm OD: 15.5mm Thickness: 2.16mm
    • M12(30pc)-ID: 12.53mm OD: 17.7mm Thickness: 2.05mm
    • M14(30pc)-ID: 14.38mm OD: 19.74mm Thickness: 2.09mm
    • M16(30pc)-ID: 16.43mm OD: 21.75mm Thickness: 1.95mm
    • M18(20pc)-ID: 18.27mm OD: 23.7mm Thickness: 2.1mm
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